Work across your enterprise to create social landing pages, posts, and ads that are integrated with the Google
products that you're already using. Make the most of your ad dollars and measure revenues generated from social.

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    Social Strategies for 2014

    Six strategies from the most successful social marketers. Learn the best practices of the Fortune 500 companies achieving the greatest social success.

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    The Road to ROI

    This report explores five key social media marketing initiatives in-depth, and shares tips on how to incorporate them into your social marketing plan.

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    Enterprise social media marketing software evaluation guide

    Choose the right solution for your business. Get the questions, roadmap and checklist you need to make the best choice for your enterprise.

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    How enterprise brands staff and budget for social

    As social breaks out of its silo, more departments are contributing staff and budget to influence social initiatives. Where in the organization is social gaining the most traction? This infographic has your answers.

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    How brands measure the value of social

    Different brands have different goals for their social media, including engagement, content shares and conversions. This infographic ranks the measurements considered to be the greatest signs of success.

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    Six best practices for social media success

    How will the world’s biggest and most successful brands do social in 2014? Check out this infographic to see how your approach compares to brands with “excellent” and “innovative” social media.

"It's a powerful, easy-to-use tool for social marketing and we've seen great results." - Kyle Thorne // Social Relations Manager // Virgin Atlantic

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