As a creative thought leader, there’s no need for you to spend time and resources building custom applications for your clients’ social campaigns. Wildfire’s technology allows you to build beautiful, creative and customized pages and promotions for your clients for less time and cost than building them in-house. So you can focus on being a strategic advisor. 

Advanced Collaboration
Manage multiple projects and teams from one central tool. View, edit and publish all your clients’ social campaigns from one interface, and easily track and send campaign results. Seamlessly deploy your campaign globally with automatic customer targeting by region and language. Wildfire’s clients experience up to a 50% reduction in time and costs using our technology vs. building custom applications from scratch. *

Complete Design Flexibility
Don’t let technology limit your creativity. Wildfire’s platform allows you to build social pages and promotions that are auto optimized across desktop, tablets and mobile devices, so your clients can engage their users wherever they spend their time. Create viral, interactive and customized experiences that will drive customer growth, engagement and leads for your clients.

Cross Platform Capabilities
Your clients can’t take a “one size fits all” approach to engaging their social audience across multiple networks, but managing separate applications and tools for each network would be expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient.  Wildfire enables social interactions with all major social networks, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

Social Ads Integration
Partner with Wildfire to manage your clients’ cross-network social ads to efficiently drive social audience growth and engagement. On average, Wildfire’s clients beat their cost per fan goal by 36% by using our industry-leading ad optimization technology. *

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* Source: Wildfire study

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