Measure social ROI

Since the launch of social marketing, quantifying the impact of social media has been a guessing game. Through integrations between Wildfire, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager, you’ll never have to guess again. Using Google, you’ll see an end-to-end view of each customer's journey, connecting the dots between your online advertising, paid and organic social engagement, and website conversions. It’s a new beginning for marketers and agencies.


See how social drives website revenue

Make the impact of social visible across your organization. Within Google Analytics, pinpoint the value of your social marketing, both by channel and by individual campaign. You can attribute website traffic to a specific social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, to see the transactions, revenue, views, and impressions attributed to each social channel. Or, for the first time, you can drill down further and measure and compare conversions for every landing page or post you created using the Wildfire platform. Target different landing pages and posts to specific audience segments and compare the revenue that each segment drives. Wildfire automatically adds Google Analytics tracking codes to all links posted through Wildfire on supported social networks, so you can refine your content in real-time based on what drives the highest ROI.

Remove the social black box in the customer journey

Wildfire integrates with Google Tag Manager, which allows you to easily add any tags, Google or not, to your website and domains to track views and conversions. With Google Tag Manager, you can add or change tags whenever you want, without needing to bug your IT folks or slow down your load times. And in just one step you can add Google Tag Manager to your Wildfire account too. Then, every social landing page you create using Wildfire will automatically contain a tag, so you’ll have a seamless view of the customer journey within whichever analytics platform you’re already using. Whether your goal is website sales, coupon downloads, or email leads, see how social impacts conversions. If, as part of your campaign, you decide to run social ads with Google, we’ll apply tracking tags to ads for you as part of our fully-managed service. 


Make the most of your ad dollars

Track social campaigns alongside your other digital campaigns within any ad serving platform you already use. Measure and compare the effectiveness of your digital ads, your social ads, and your organic reach in driving the conversions that are most meaningful to you, whether that be website visits and revenue, or social conversions, such as entries or coupon downloads. Through unified social and digital analytics, get the data you need to reallocate your ad spend based on what works.

Customize your reporting

While cross-digital reporting is critical, your team probably still wants to report on how they’re doing in social too. Building a range of social analytics reports is time-consuming though, since different stakeholders want to focus on different metrics. With our Custom Reports, that headache is gone. You can completely customize your analytics to create relevant reports for each of your stakeholders, from your social media managers to your marketing leaders. Just drag and drop to choose which time frame and metrics you want to view, such as PTAT, engagement, or shares, to show your performance across social networks, landing pages, and promotions. Then generate the report you need right on the spot.

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