Management & Control


The ability to manage and control your social media presence and activities is critical to ensuring consistent experiences for your consumers and minimizing risk. A constant concern for companies is the potential risk to the brand and to the company’s reputation from social media activity. Companies need to guard against unauthorized or inappropriate use of social channels. Wildfire Suite 2.0 includes robust management and control capabilities that let you confidently scale your social marketing activities and delegate publishing and content management rights, while minimizing risk to your brand and reputation.

  • Manageability: Centralized management and account configuration allows enterprises to maintain control of multiple social networks and properties through a single unified platform.
  • Role-based Permissions: Flexibility to create and modify roles, customize permissions attached to roles, and assign users to roles. 
  • Audit Trail: Allows brands to audit their usage of the Wildfire platform, including user, event description, and date/time stamp.
  • Custom Workflows: The ability to define automated notifications and alerts for approvals.
  • Data Management: Gives enterprises full access and control of consumer data, including the ability to delete, aggregate, analyze, report, and export data.

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