Measurement & Refinement


Brands that are most effective in gaining value from social media marketing are those that precisely define objectives, rigorously measure results, and continuously adjust their strategy. Through comprehensive analytics, Wildfire allows you to track your social media marketing activities so you can refine your strategy and content to drive improved results.

Rapid Iteration Across Platforms

With Wildfire’s easy-to-use tools, you can publish custom content in minutes without having to rely on technical or design resources. When you create a page, it’s automatically optimized for mobile and multiple social networks, which means you can quickly and efficiently iterate your strategy based on real-time analytics. 

Unlimited Campaigns

Marketers understand that developing a solid testing strategy is key to success. With Wildfire, you can run unlimited campaigns across numerous tabs, which gives you the flexibility to test different variations of social content and pinpoint which initiatives work best for your audience.

Advanced Targeting

Using granular analytics, identify the styles of communication that prompt different segments of your audience to engage with your brand. Deliver relevant content in a cost-effective way by easily sending messages and publishing pages that automatically target to specific languages and geographies.

Ad Optimization

Wildfire's industry-leading technology aggregates more than 160 social metrics to measure your audience’s engagement with your social ads. Based upon this feedback, our technology continuously refines your ads – including their content and target audience – to reach the best audience and maximize engagement at the lowest cost.

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