Develop, sustain, and scale meaningful engagement with your brand’s audience using Messages. Whether you have one social property or thousands worldwide, manage an expansive network of social media from a single dashboard, and measure the impact of your personalized communication.

Multiple Networks from One Unified Interface
Eliminate fragmented communication and strengthen your brand’s online personality by sending individual messages to numerous properties on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ simultaneously. Encourage two-way communication by efficiently routing and responding to customers’ responses from one dashboard.     

Enterprise Level Control
Specify permissions to delegate responsibility without compromising branding control. Assign messages to account members, or automatically route messages to specific account users to ensure that customers receive a prompt, relevant response.

Website Conversion Tracking
How does social media influence off-network behavior? Measure the referrals and visits that your messages generate. Then optimize your calls to action based on which posts drive engagement.

Keyword Filters
Control communication on your social properties by establishing filters to delete messages with specified words. Be poised to respond to pressing questions by having topics flagged for immediate review. Apply labels to organize your message streams and track the type of content you post and receive.

In-Stream Content 
With your customers’ attention in high demand, give your audience a reason to engage by attaching multimedia content, including flash, coupons, links, videos, photos, and photo albums.

Scheduled Messages
Easily construct a strategic editorial calendar. Specify messages to reach audience segments at times that see the highest response rates and generate earned media.

Advanced Targeting
Interact with your audience in ways that are most relevant to them. Create targeting presets based on language and geography, enabling regional localization for global brands. Using news feed targeting, further personalize your communication based on a fan’s age, gender, “interested in” response, and relationship status.

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