Available as a free, standalone tool or integrated into the Wildfire Social Marketing Suite, Monitor is a powerful tool that allows you to measure your fan and follower growth over time and against your competition.

Trends Over Time
Use the Wildfire Social Media Monitor to glean insights about the growth of your social media fanbase on the leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. With daily tracking, you have visibility into growth trends small and large.

Competition Tracker
Gauge your social media success against any company you choose by comparing your social audience across the leading social networks. Quickly find out if you're gaining traction or leaving your competitors in the dust.

Leaderboards for Google+, Facebook and Twitter
Find out which social properties are leading the pack from among the millions we track every day. Browse the top Facebook pages based on number of Likes, and check out the top Twitter users based on number of Followers, Following, or Tweets.

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