Reduce Time to Market by Up to 70%
Market in real time with social landing pages and promotions that generate leads, amplify word of mouth, extend the reach of campaigns, and convert your social audience into customers. Choose customizable templates to reduce your deployment cost and time, or build pages from scratch for full brand control.

Flexible Design Options
Sometimes you want to build a page quickly, while other times you want to invest in a uniquely designed custom page.  We offer three popular ways to meet your needs: 

  • If you have your own design resources, or would like to use ours, build stunning custom pages with unlimited design flexibility 
  • Our pre-designed templates: Simply choose from the largest template library in the industry, add your logo, images, and text, then publish to any or all of your pages
  • For the best of both worlds, customize a pre-built template with full access to the underlying code

Mobile Ready
Half of all users access social networks on mobile devices. Wildfire’s templates are built according to the principles of “responsive design," so they are automatically self-optimized for mobile, tablet or PC. As a marketer, you only need to create your content once, and it looks great on any device.

Enterprise Level Management
Publish to one property or dozens of properties with our easy publishing interface. Control who edits, approves, and publishes your pages with sophisticated permissioning.

Extensive Engagement Options
Populate your page with our extensive library of viral plug-ins that enable you to engage with your fans in a cost-effective and powerful way.  By constantly providing fresh and engaging content to your fan base, you’ll boost engagement and increase sharing.

Advanced Targeting
Display targeted content based on your audience’s geography, language, and demographics. Leverage foreign language and character support to build pages for a global audience.

Robust Analytics
Whether you manage one or thousands of properties, you can view aggregated or page level data that offers you insight into the content that is most engaging and relevant to your social audience.

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