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Wildfire Social Marketing Suite
Social engagement that drives real results
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    Find the right audience across social networks.
  • Landingpageicon Social
    Landing Pages
    Create interactive landing pages and promotions using pre-built templates or your own custom design.
  • Messagesicon Social
    Manage conversations with your audience across social networks from a single dashboard.
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    Get the insights you need to measure your results, both on and off social.

Wildfire Social Marketing Suite

From social ads and posts to pages and promotions, social marketing involves a lot of moving pieces. The Wildfire Suite brings all the pieces together, so you can turn separate tactics into strategic campaigns. With a fully-managed ads service to find the right audience, software to create social landing pages, and a dashboard to manage conversations with customers, you’ll have the tools you need to engage your social audience. And best of all, you’ll be able to see how your campaigns are paying off – both on and off social.

Socialadsnavicon Social Ads

Reach the right audience

Social ads put your brand in front of the right audience. But finding the best combination of copy, creative, and audience segment is no small feat. Wildfire’s fully-managed ads service is designed to save your team the time and money needed to make the most of ads across multiple social networks.

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Minimize cost

Wildfire automatically optimizes your ads for both cost and audience quality. Our platform develops and tests hundreds of variations of your ad using different combinations of creative and copy. Then we direct your ad spend to the top-performing combination, ensuring you get the most out of your budget. On average, our clients beat their cost goals by 36% (Wildfire study).

Build an engaged audience

We focus on finding you the right audience, not just the cheapest. We use dozens of metrics to take a pulse of your brand’s engagement levels. Then we serve social ads based on targeting parameters such as interests, age, gender, and location. We measure engagement levels throughout your campaign to hone in on the audience most likely to engage with your brand.

Maximize conversions

The traditional approach to social advertising uses only metrics such as click-through rate, cost-per-fan, and impressions to gauge success. We have a different approach. We optimize your ad’s content and targeting based on your overall business goal, whether that’s growing your audience, increasing contest entries, or driving coupon downloads.

Span screens and networks

Our ads specialists can manage your mobile and display ads across multiple social networks, so you can deliver the right content at the right time to your social audience.

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Landingpageicon Social Landing Pages


Easily create content and promotions using pre-built templates

When you create the right content, you can turn a customer’s single interaction with your brand into ongoing engagement. Our Pages product makes it easier to create memorable experiences for your customers and manage complex content development. Just choose a pre-built template for a social page or promotion from our library of options that address different business goals. Then publish in minutes without having to touch any code, or let those creative juices run wild and completely customize your page.

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Choose from a gallery of templates

When you want to engage your audience, you don’t have to start from scratch. You’ll have dozens of pre-designed page templates to choose from, making it easier to create an ongoing stream of relevant content. Each template maps to a business goal. You can convert your audience into customers using coupons, or grow engagement with video galleries, daily reveal calendars, and contests.

Launch promotions quickly

With our easy-to-use interface, you can create any type of promotion that fits your business objective. No technical skills are needed. Formats include sweepstakes, coupons, quizzes, trivia, and user-generated photo, essay, and video contests. You can customize your promotion to keep complete branding control of your content's look and feel. Then publish to your website and social networks. 

Reduce your time to market by up to 70%*

Choose how hands-on you want to be. You can publish a page in minutes by adding your brand’s copy and creative assets to an out-of-the-box template from our gallery. Or for complete design flexibility, use our code as a base to fully customize your page, at a fraction of the time and cost required to build a page from scratch. For times when you want an end-to-end solution, our full-service creative team can design, build, and launch a custom page or promotion for you.

*Wildfire study

Publish mobile-ready pages

Your customers move from mobile to tablet to desktop without thinking twice. The same should apply to your content. Your pages will automatically work across all screen sizes, so you can reach your customers wherever they’re spending time.

Control content across networks, teams, and regions

Publish content to multiple properties across social networks, all from one dashboard. You can ensure your content stays on brand by using permissions and workflows to control who edits, approves, and publishes pages. Create role-based teams to loop in PR or to give your creative agency access to page design. Through IP targeting based on country and language, your consumers will see your page in the appropriate language without your team having to do any manual work.

Tie social to other digital content

Social pages no longer have to exist in a silo. Through Wildfire’s link tracking and tagging integrations with Google, you can now drive traffic from your search and display ads to your social page, and from your social page to your website, and measure every click, view, and conversion along the way.

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Messagesicon Social Messages


Manage conversations across social networks

Social campaigns aren’t just about one-way content creation. Your customers add their own content to your social properties too. With Messages, you’ll have the tools to manage both the content you publish and the content you receive. Target your posts to stay relevant, and assign filters and workflows to stay on brand.

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Target content across social networks

Stay relevant by targeting your posts based on demographics, language, and geography. You can specify audience segments ahead of time, so you’ll be ready to quickly share links, photos, and albums with just the right people.

Batch upload and schedule posts

Easily handle large volumes of content by batch uploading posts, and schedule your messages for high-response times. Then see all of your outgoing posts in a central calendar, so you and your team can identify content gaps and ensure a consistent messaging strategy.

Monitor using filters

Ensure rapid responses to your customers’ questions by auto-routing messages to the right team, whether that be marketing, customer service, or product research. Using filters, you can automatically delete or flag posts that might negatively impact your brand, so you don’t have to be reactive when it comes to receiving damaging content.

Assign workflows for posting

Assign permissions and workflows to manage the process of drafting and publishing messages, so you can be confident that your team’s outgoing content aligns with your brand. For full accountability, you can view audit logs of all your internal users’ account activity.

Analyticsicon Social Analytics

Measure social ROI

Since the launch of social marketing, quantifying the impact of social media has been a guessing game. Through integrations between Wildfire, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager, you’ll never have to guess again. Now you’ll see an end-to-end view of each customer’s journey, connecting the dots between your online advertising, paid and organic social engagement, and website conversions. 

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Measure how social drives website revenue

You can finally get social the credit it deserves. Using automated link tracking, see how your social landing pages and posts lead to website conversions, and compare the revenue that different audience segments drive. You’ll view your results in Google Analytics, making it easier for the rest of your organization to see the impact of social.

See social in the customer journey

With Wildfire’s integration with Google Tag Manager, you can now tag your social landing pages as easily as you tag your website pages. This gives you a seamless view of the customer journey–from any digital ad to your social landing page to your website–within whichever analytics platform you’re already using, so you can see how effective your social marketing is at driving revenues.

View your social and digital analytics together

Track social campaigns alongside your other digital campaigns within any analytics or ad serving platform you use. Compare the effectiveness of your digital ads, social ads, and organic reach, so you can allocate your ad spend based on what works.

Measure your social performance

See growth and engagement across your social properties, or focus on specific landing pages and posts. View traffic sources to understand which content leads people to your social pages. Through referral tracking, identify when peer recommendations drive conversions, and see which of your fans and followers are your biggest advocates.

Customize your reporting

Customize your social analytics to create relevant reports for each of your stakeholders. Just drag and drop to choose which metrics you want to view, such as leads, engagement rate, and shares. Then generate the report you need right on the spot.

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